“Dear Lord,” said Dorothy Robinson in Metro Philadelphia, “how we wish we could figure out George Clooney’s type.” The "studly actor" has reportedly gone from dating cocktail waitress and Fear Factor contestant Sara Larson to Fatima Bhutto, a poet and journalist who's also slain Pakistani Leader Benazir Bhutto’s niece. (Watch an interview with Fatima Bhutto here, via YouTube) Quite a switch, but “we doubt it’ll work—she sounds much too smart to move to LA.”

Which is exactly why Clooney might really be interested, said Celebitchy. If Bhutto “ever expressed a desire to be more available to him, Clooney would probably bail.” He's “an unapologetic bachelor and falling for a lovely accomplished woman who necessarily lives far from him is just another way he’ll ensure he remains single for the foreseeable future.”

Don’t be so sure, said Gawker. Apparently, Clooney has said that he’s willing to abandon his bachelor ways if Bhutto wants to get serious with him. And who could blame him? Fatima Bhutto is smart, pretty, politically minded, and principled. Plus, she comes from money “so you know she's not just looking for his.” A perfect match.