We have a new winner for the Best Bond Girl Ever, said MovieWeb.com. Ukranian-born model turned actress Olga Kurylenko “is definitely the best visual part” of the latest James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace—and she makes “all the other Bond Girls look ugly.”

There’s no doubt that Kurylenko is “an eye-catcher,” said Louis Parks in the Houston Chronicle online, but there’s more to being a great Bond Girl than looks. Her character, Camille, and Bond “are too intent on revenge to create any sparks,” so we’re going to have to rate her “low in the Bond Lady pantheon.”

“On paper,” said GQ online, “Kurylenko should have been a perfect Bond Girl: She's Russian, virtually unknown, and looks really good naked.” But screenwriter Paul Haggis created a “hackneyed backstory” for her character, and for some reason, she wears an “obviously fake tan” throughout Quantum of Solace. Maybe in better hands, Kurylenko could have taken the crown.