About 370 penguins that washed up on the equatorial beaches of Brazil have been airlifted to more frigid, penguin-friendly climes. The birds began arriving in July, far north of their usual feeding grounds, apparently confused by changes in currents and water temperature. Stranded and emaciated, many of them died. But this week, Brazil’s air force flew the survivors 1,550 miles to the south, where they were released into the sea. “We are overjoyed to see these penguins waddle back to the ocean and have a second chance at life,” said veterinarian Valeria Ruoppolo, who helped oversee the rescue.

Aircraft carrier returns to Manhattan
World War II aircraft carrier Intrepid has returned to the Manhattan pier where it served for 24 years as a floating military and space museum. The historic ship was removed from its berth in 2006 to a New Jersey dry dock for $120 million in repairs; at that time, embarrassingly, it got briefly stuck in the Hudson River mud. But this time there were no mishaps as some 400 guests and former crew members rode along for the return voyage. “She looks good, brand-new,” said retired Adm. James “Doc” Abbot Jr., who commanded the carrier more than 40 years ago. “But I admit to a little bias.”

Conscience cleared
As a Halloween prank 50 years ago, 12-year-old Tim Haney and some friends stole a plaque from a tree at the Vrooman Mansion, a historic house in Bloomington, Ill. It was no ordinary tablet, as it made reference to Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas making speeches under the tree. For decades, Haney held onto his stolen goods. But his bad conscience finally caught up with him, and he recently returned it to Theora Stark, who now operates the mansion as a bed-and-breakfast. “I’ve been wondering for years how to give it back,” said Haney, now 62. “The time was right.”