Israel could change the math in the U.S. presidential election with an October surprise, said Robert Baer in the New York Daily News. It’s not unthinkable that Israel would bomb Iran “to stop the regime from becoming a nuclear power.” That might not thrill Washington, but “what many Americans miss is that Iran is a threat to Isreal’s very existence.”

There’s a time for peace, and a time for war, said Robert Rozett in The Jerusalem Post. The world learned from Hitler how dangerous it can be to balk at confronting evil. If it looks like Iran is bent on nuclear war, failing to act would only invite “new destruction on a scale that approaches that unleashed by Hitler.”

Don’t expect Iran to buckle, said the Tehran Times. Iran needs to produce nuclear fuel to run nuclear power plants in which it has invested billions, and Iran’s envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency has warned against threatening Iran’s national security.

If sanctions and threats don't change Iran's mind, said Nolan Finley in The Detroit News, Israel won't be able to afford to buy Iran's assurances that its nuclear plan is peaceful. Americans are focused on the economy for now, but the next president will have some tough decisions to make to avoid a deadly confrontation.