GOOD DAY FOR: Frosty receptions, after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals urged Ben & Jerry’s to use breast milk, rather than cow’s milk, for its ice cream, to ease the suffering of dairy cows. Ben & Jerry’s, and the breast-feeding advocacy group LaLeche League International, politely said no. Customers were less polite. “It’s kind of creepy,” said Ohio customer Jeff Waugh, 42. (AP in Los Angeles Times)

BAD DAY FOR: Avoiding a crash, as frustrated San Diego residents can now visit Sarah’s Smash Shack to vent their ire. The Smash Shack, owned by former veterinarian Sarah Lavely, consists of soundproof rooms where customers throw breakable objects, like plates and wine glasses, against stainless steel walls. “We had no business model to follow,” Lavely says. (