Car and Driver
A road test of the Brooklands is probably irrelevant. “See, Bentley is going to create only 550” of these, and you almost certainly can’t afford one anyway. If you could, though, you “wouldn’t want to be caught dead without the optional carbon-ceramic brake rotors” ($29,270). Unfortunately, the brake pedal is “mushier than The Way We Were.

Road & Track
Bentley claims the rear half of the Brooklands cabin is the biggest in the coupe world. “We won’t argue the point.” You can also choose from 25 possible leather hues, three different wood trims, and 25 exterior colors. The 6.75-liter, turbocharged V8 has a top speed of 184 mph. The Brooklands can’t keep up with a Porsche or BMW on a twisting road, but who cares? This car is all about savoring luxury and feeling coddled.

Toronto Star
It’s insane, it’s illogical, and it’s “magnificent.” The Brooklands is a time machine back to an era when “rich people crossed countries behind the wheels of their fast cars.” Old-school features include scattershot gauges, a weighty turn-signal lever, and two umbrellas in back. Seventeen cows gave up their lives to upholster the seats, door panels, roof, and sections of the trunk.