What happened
Actress Mary-Kate Olsen is refusing to be questioned by investigators about the accidental drug overdose of her close friend Heath Ledger unless she receives immunity from prosecution, according to the New York Post. Olsen was the first person contacted after Ledger’s body was found, but instead of calling 911, she allegedly called her bodyguards and told them to rush to Ledger’s home.

What the commentators said
Olsen’s “lawyers must believe she has some criminal exposure,” said TheImproper.com, or they wouldn’t be asking for immunity. Olsen must have either "supplied some of the drugs that Ledger ingested,” or “she could be criminally negligent" for failing to call paramedics immediately.

Is Olsen “worried about” being charged with something “nefarious—like tampering with a crime scene?” said Ryan Tate in Gawker. Maybe, but maybe “Olsen’s alleged request is more routine, a pro forma form of legal hardball designed to bring authorities into contact on the most favorable terms possible.”

Consider the source, said Neel Shah in Radar Online. “The Post has called for Olsen to be interviewed ever since the NYPD denied the paper’s scoop that the former Full House star received a series of frantic calls from the masseuse.” Isn’t it possible that Olsen might “be the victim of a vicious case of press harassment because a paper blew a scoop?”