Smart Dimmable
General Electric’s energy bulb is compact and works with most dimmers.
Price: $11.99 to $13.99 Contact:
Source: The New York Times

Light on Demand
Energizer’s emergency light sticks come equipped with internal, rechargeable batteries to reduce “the stumbling and cursing” that occur when you’re left in the dark.
Price: Starting at $24.99 Contact: or
Source: USA Today

Sylvania Day Light Plus
The first halogen energy-saving bulbs on the market “emit a bright, neutral-looking light.”
Price: $3.99 to $4.99 Contact:
Source: The New York Times

Lumiram Ecolume full-spectrum compact
This full-spectrum bulb gives off a “cool lab vibe.” Best used for overhead light, it “mimics natural light, reduces eyestrain, and supposedly alleviates fatigue.”
Price: $19.95 Contact:
Source: Domino

Greenlite 23-watt flood
Brighten up your backyard with Greenlite’s outdoor eco bulb, which “directs a powerful beam” while still saving energy.
Price: $14 Contact: Lights That Save, (714) 827-1220
Source: Domino