What happened
Christie’s auction house next month will sell a nude portrait of Carla Bruni, the new wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy. When the portrait was taken by photographer Michel Comte in 1993, Bruni was working as a model. “It’s a work of art,” said a Christie’s spokesperson. (AFP via Google)

What the commentators said
Bruni officially has a bad “case of over-exposure,” said Australia’s Herald Sun. Sarkozy—known as “Bling Bling” because of his fondness for Rolexes and private yachts—has seen his approval ratings drop as his constituents grew tired of seeing his love life on display. And this will hardly help in his efforts to appear more presidential.

Sarkozy was hoping to add some “much-needed gravitas” to his image this week by meeting with royalty during a two-day state visit to the United Kingdon, said Tom Chivers in the London Telegraph. Sarkozy has been practicing his English, and Mrs. Sarkozy-Bruni has been practicing her curtsying. But with a remnant from her modeling days stealing the headlines, it will be difficult for the couple to shed their racy image this week.

“Who says diplomacy is dull?” said Robert Hardman in the London Daily Mail. “Take a hot-tempered new world leader, his mum, his new supermodel/rock chick consort, the entire Royal Family, both Houses of Parliament,” and this visit should be a “blast.” Bruni, a former girlfriend of Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton, has had quite a life, but hobnobbing with Queen Elizabeth will be the “greatest challenge yet as First Lady.”