What happened
Lindsay Lohan and Eddie Murphy were the big “winners” at this year’s Golden Raspberry Awards, or Razzies—the annual anti-Oscar event that recognizes the worst acting, directing, screenwriting, songwriting, and films of the past year. Lohan’s I Know Who Killed Me won a record eight Razzies, and among those awards, she earned two worst-actress trophies for her double role in the film. Murphy took worst actor, supporting actor, and supporting actress for his film Norbit. Nether Lohan or Murphy attended the ceremony.

What the commentators said

If Lohan’s career wasn’t already “on the skids,” said the blog Filmstalker, “then this is hammering the nails right into the coffin lid of it.” And it’s not surprising that Eddie Murphy was right there with her: “He keeps churning out the same tired old pulp with bad jokes, poor slapstick, dull stories, and multiple characters.”

Winning Razzies isn’t necessarily a bad thing, said the Economist.com. Lohan and Murphy “have discovered that failure, on a grand scale, is the flipside of towering success—if done right it can bring many rewards, particularly in the field of the arts. Money and adulation are rightly due to high achievers but the very worst garner recognition, too.”

As a matter of fact, Murphy’s supposed flop paid off pretty well, said Joel Ryan in E! Online. Norbit “was a commercial hit, pulling in nearly $100 million. And although Lohan’s film made nowhere near that kind of money, her “drug-related arrest three days before its opening put the critically dismissed movie in the spotlight.”