What happened
Lindsay Lohan appears naked in a photo spread for New York magazine’s new spring fashion issue. Recreating Marilyn Monroe’s 1962 final photo shoot for Bert Stern, Lohan was shot by the legendary photographer himself at the Hotel Bel-Air earlier this month.

What the commentators said

Lindsay Lohan is a “fame-whoring narcissist” who “doesn’t know when to stop,” said Monica Gaza in the blog Softpedia. Why did she do this photo shoot? She has “no movie coming out and basically nothing to promote except her oversize ego.” And what’s even more frustrating is that she managed “to get a respectable magazine to shoot her naked.” Look at the photos if you want—“but do so on an empty stomach.”

Well, “as far as career rejuvenation stunts are concerned,” said the blog Defamer, our predication is that “this tastefully titillating homage to Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Last Sitting' is poised to sit alongside Drew Barrymore’s role in Poison Ivy in the pantheon of greatest breast-baring comebacks of all-time.”

At least “this isn’t one of those ‘Lindsay Lohan gets hammered and forgets to dress from the waist down on a night out’ stories,” said Stuart Heritage in the blog Hecklerspray. Instead, “it’s an artfully-composed Lindsay Lohan shoot.” And aside from that, it’s “not particularly shocking to see Lindsay Lohan naked”—she was “vaguely naked” on the “front cover of Vanity Fair a few years ago,” and her “boyfriend took some naked pictures of her recently.”

What’s really annoying is that so many celebrities “are obsessed with Marilyn Monroe,” said the blog Hollyscoop. Don’t they “understand that there was, and will only be, one Marilyn Monroe”? They “need to make an impact of their own—not try to copy others.”