GOOD DAY FOR: A costly view, after a Chicago-based investment firm put the 138-acre plot of hillside property behind L.A.’s iconic Hollywood sign on the market, for $22 million. Los Angeles officials, who have been raising money to buy the plot—appraised at $6 million—for years, were not amused. But it has a great view, and “the phone’s ringing,” said Sarah Blanchard at the listing agency, Teles Properties. (The Washington Post, free registration)
BAD DAY FOR: Sweet hearts, as Maryland-based importer Sherwood Brands recalled Chinese-made Valentine’s Day lollipops after metal fragments were found in at least two of them. The two Pokemon lollipops were sold in different Dollar General stores near Lakeland, Fla. One contained a staple, the other part of a razor blade. (AP in Yahoo! Finance)