What happened
Christina Aguilera has joined a parade of pregnant celebrities who have posed nude for a magazine photo shoot. The 26-year-old singer, who will appear on the January cover of Marie Claire, reveals in an accompanying interview that she went off the pill during her “Back to Basics” tour because she and her husband, Jordan Bratman, were planning to try to have a baby after the tour ended. “You've heard it takes some time,” she said, “except with Power Egg and Super Sperm here." (AP via Google)

What the commentators said
“A naked 'n' pregnant magazine cover seems to be a Hollywood rite of passage,” said Jennifer Cady in E!Online’s The Hum blog. And thank goodness for that. “Happy, glowing, adorable—she makes being preggers look great.”

It’s nice that Aguilera decided to share after being so quiet about the news, said Shawn Adler at MTV.com. She only confirmed the rumors of her condition earlier this month after Paris Hilton “let it slip at a party before the MTV Music Awards.” She had only told her husband and dancers before Hilton’s “loose-lipped announcement.”

It’s nice to see she’s taking motherhood seriously, said Tiffani Cage in TheCelebrityCafe.com. In the interview, she tells about all the precautions she took on tour, including wearing a heart monitor on stage.

Judging by the size of her belly, said Stuart Heritage at Heckler Spray, “it obviously won't be too long before Christina Aguilera's baby claws itself out and into the world.” Which means we can all look forward to learning soon whether “Aguilera Jr. genetically shares its mother's air raid siren voice instead of its father's staggering anonymity.”