Led Zeppelin is reportedly planning to play a one-night reunion show that would mark the first time the legendary rockers have taken the stage together in 20 years. Vocalist Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Plant are expected to confirm the widely rumored plans at a press conference in London tomorrow, according to Billboard.com.

Music critics have split on whether the reunion—to honor late Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegan—is a good idea. But some are cheering the aging musicians on, and even believe they plan to go on tour with Jason Bonham—son of the band’s late drummer, John Bonham—on drums.

If this really happens, said Spin.com, it “could be a landmark reformation.” Led Zeppelin are “the irrefutable, thunderous pioneers of hard rock” and their reunion could be “the hottest ticket of the century.”

Does anybody really want to see “the most insanely decadent rock and roll band of all time propped up on stage with oxygen tanks and canes?” said the blog Drawer B. Jimmy Page is 63: Can he really pull off those complicated riffs with “the same speed and finesse?” Can Robert Plant “hit those grizzled squeals like he used to?” This just seems like “an invitation to be let down”—it’s better to remember Led Zeppelin as “the powerhouse it once was.”

Sure, these guys are old, said the Guardian’s blog, but this is Led Zeppelin we’re talking about here. The “virgins’ blood” may be “replaced by cranberry juice” backstage, and the “search for the golden fleece a matter for the cloakroom staff.” But anyone who isn’t interested in hearing “these buspass-wielding grizzlies crank out the arcane pulse of ‘Whole Lotta Love’ doesn’t like rock.”