1. 3Doodler Start ($50)

Your little artist now can draw in three dimensions. With the children's version of the first 3D pen, which safely melts biodegradable plastic, even a routine butterfly drawing becomes a stand-alone sculpture. Buy it at Amazon.

2. Worry Eating Plush Pals (about $17)

The only thing better than a soft friend to cuddle with is a soft friend who eats phobias for breakfast. Whatever your child's biggest worry — ghosts, the dark, gym class — write it down and Schnulli or Saggo will swallow it. Buy it at Amazon.

3. Lovelane Superhero Costume ($95)

This handmade hat and reversible cape can send imaginations soaring. Created by a company that also outfits princesses, dragons, and wizards, the set is made of durable cotton canvas. Buy it at Etsy.

4. Radio Flyer Cyclone ($50)

Treat the family's thrill seeker to this arm-powered two-wheeler, which can go forward or back, and spin in circles. "Just be prepared for a lot of 'Hey, watch this!'" says Real Simple. Buy it at Radio Flyer.

5. Decorate-a-Teepee ($159)

No more need for bedsheet forts. This miniature teepee is easy to fold up and store, and its Velcro-backed decorative patches encourage individual expression. Buy it at Land of Nod.

6. Tegu Magnetic Blocks ($110)

Because of their built-in magnets, these colorful hardwood blocks open new possibilities for a budding young engineer. The 42-piece set includes eight different block shapes, plus four wheels. Buy it at Amazon.

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