Despite collecting eight Oscar nominations over a half-century of acting, Irishman Peter O'Toole never took the prize.

"Always a bridesmaid, never a bride, my foot," O'Toole said in 2003, when he accepted an honorary award. "I have my very own Oscar now, until death us do part."

O'Toole passed away on Saturday in a London hospital, at the age of 81, having been ill for some time. Best known for his turn as T.E. Lawrence in Lawrence of Arabia, O'Toole was regarded as a firebrand who struggled with alcoholism in the 1970s.

However, he returned to previous form with his 1980 film, The Stunt Man, picking up his sixth Oscar nomination in the process and kicking off two more decades of memorable roles. Below, a look back at a legend's career.

Lawrence of Arabia | 1962 (United Archives/IFTN/dpa/Corbis)

Becket | 1964 (AP Photo)

What's New Pussycat? | 1965 (AP Photo)

How to Steal a Million | 1966 (AP Photo/Twentieth Century-Fox)

The Lion in Winter | 1968 (AP Photo)

Murphy's War | 1971 (90061/dpa/Corbis)

The Ruling Class | 1972 (AP Photo)

Man Friday | 1975 (AP Photo)

The Stunt Man | 1980 (AP Photo)

The Last Emperor | 1987 (Fabian Cevallos/Sygma/Corbis)

Venus | 2006 (AP Photo/Miramax/Nicola Dove)