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Texas, Florida, and California have the most pre-election ballots cast so far

As of Sunday, more than 40 million people in 47 states have cast their ballots ahead of Tuesday's midterm elections, CNN reports.

The early voting data comes from election officials, and has been analyzed by Edison Research and Catalist. It shows Texas has had more than 5.4 million ballots cast, the most of any state, while Florida has had over 4.5 million and California has had more than 4.1 million. Georgia and North Carolina are the only other states to have more than 2 million ballots cast early.

Georgia's secretary of state's office announced on Saturday that "Georgia's record breaking early turnout concluded with 2,288,889 voters casting their ballot during early voting, with 231,063 showing up on Friday, Nov. 4th." This is a 21 percent increase over the number of ballots cast prior to Election Day in 2018. In 2020, nearly 2.7 million people voted early in the presidential election.