Pinup model sues over breast surgery
An aspiring British pinup model who received a $7,400 taxpayer-funded breast enlargement is suing the country’s National Health Service, claiming her new boobs are too big. Josie Cunningham, 23, underwent surgery earlier this year after convincing a doctor that her flat chest was causing her emotional distress. But Cunningham now says the 36DD implants have turned her into a joke. “They’re so big I find them embarrassing, and I don’t feel I can do any modeling,” she said. Cunningham is demanding $15,000 in compensation for emotional distress.

Why George Clooney dumped his girlfriend
George Clooney dumped his girlfriend Stacy Keibler because he was sick of her obsession with working out, said the National Enquirer. Throughout their two-year relationship, ex-wrestler Keibler, 33, would start each day with an exhausting two-hour workout. “It got to the point where George didn’t want to spend the night with her because she would wake him up at 5:30 in the morning,” said a source. Clooney, 52, is now hunting for a girlfriend who better suits his lifestyle. “He wouldn’t balk at dating a divorcée who’s ready to have some fun,” said the source.

Getting even with skunk spray
A Kentucky man was arrested after he allegedly used a skunk to stink out a gas station. Kevin Kibert, 35, allegedly brought a plastic bag into the service station’s restroom, and said “Sorry, man” as he left. A worker then found a skunk spraying the men’s room, causing a stink so bad it scared off customers. Kibert denied bringing the skunk, despite admitting to cops he had a grudge against one of the station’s employees. “That wasn’t how I get even,” he said. “It wouldn’t be no skunk, Lord no.”