Los Angeles teen Jake Davidson recently posted a video asking supermodel Kate Upton to be his prom date — and it's safe to say that the video has been successful. In less than a week, it has been viewed more than a million times, earned Davidson a Today show appearance, and resulted in a tentative "yes," from Upton, who's checking her schedule. The news will undoubtedly prompt many teens to consider making their own YouTube videos directed at their favorite celebrities, asking them to attend proms, formals, birthdays, weddings — and for those teens, we have one piece of advice: Don't get your hopes up. For every open appeal to a celebrity that goes viral and earns a response, dozens more go unanswered and unnoticed. Here, six of the many that didn't go viral:

1. "Nick Jonas, Go to prom with me?"
Views: 57,963 

In 2010, this teen reworked Nick Jonas' "Introducing Me" to introduce herself to her would-be prom date, with lyrics that point out their many similarities, including their "crazy curly hair."

2. "Niall Horan, Will You Go To Prom With Me?"
Views: 32,157 

Videos of people attempting to land a date with a member of One Direction abound, but this teen attempts to sweeten the pot by offering a pizza with the brief question "PROM?" spelled out in jellybeans.

3. "Josh Hutcherson, Will You Go to Prom With Me?"
Views: 17,009

This determined Colorado teen uploaded six videos asking Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson to go to prom with her. But while Hutcherson never responded, the story has a happy ending: An annotation on the video reports that she eventually decided to go with someone else.

4. "Taylor Swift-Prom?"
Views: 10,584 

In 2011, this Alabama teen tried to get Taylor Swift to be his prom date by performing a song that rewrites the lyrics to her hit "Mean." Despite assuring her that he's "not the kind of guy that'll pick you up and then leave you by the punch bowl," his request went unanswered.

5. "Selena Gomez, Prom?"
Views: 7,152 

In his video, this California teen offers photoshopped evidence of how great he and Selena Gomez would look together — but acknowledges Gomez's then-boyfriend Justin Bieber might be a problem. Gomez is now single, but the May 19, 2012 deadline for his senior prom has sadly come and gone.

6. "Jennifer Lawrence Will You Please Go To Prom With Me?"
Views: 52 

Recent history has shown that everybody loves Jennifer Lawrence — so it's no great surprise that this Alberta, Canada teenager wants to take her to prom this year. In an all-text video, he offers to "book and pay for flight, hotel, food, the works" — and throws in the opportunity to drive a tractor as an extra bonus. It's not too late, Jennifer...