For more than a decade, I've followed political news obsessively on Political Wire, covering four presidential election cycles, dozens of scandals, and several epic legislative battles. The Week has always been an important resource in understanding our politics. Today, I'm pleased to announce that I'm joining their team as editor-at-large with a new blog called The Cloakroom.

The cloakroom is where lawmakers in the House and Senate can privately mingle with members of their own parties, jockey for position within their own caucuses, and discuss their agendas. Free from the media glare, it's often where the big deals are cut and where alliances are formed. 

I hope to bring some of that atmosphere to this blog while analyzing the important political issues of our day. I want to get to the heart of what our elected officials are really trying to do. I'd like to shed some light on how power is gained or lost in Washington, D.C.

Political Wire will continue to be the place to track elections, keep up with the latest polling, and monitor important political news. Wonk Wire is where I'll follow the latest public policy news. I hope to use The Cloakroom to dig deeper into these issues and share my opinion on what it all means.

Please follow me on Twitter (@politicalwire) and use the comments below each post to share your own take. If you're a regular at my other sites, you'll be glad to know you can post using your same account.