Protests are flaring up around the world as a YouTube trailer for an anti-Islam film, Innocence of Muslims, continues to outrage the Muslim community. The American-made, mysteriously inept low-budget film, which depicts the Prophet Muhammad as a womanizer and child molester, has forced the U.S. to beef up security measures at its embassies in the Middle East as riot police continue to clash with violent protesters. Although U.S. officials have officially condemned the film as reprehensible and non-representative of American values, supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Iran blamed the West's "Islamophobic policies of arrogance and Zionism" and decreed the U.S. government's disavowal of the film "meaningless." Just how widespread are the protests? Here's a look, by the numbers:

Countries that have experienced protests triggered by the film trailer, including Egypt, Indonesia, Lebanon, and Iran

Demonstrators who took to the streets in Sydney, Australia

Australian police reportedly injured

Sydney protesters reportedly injured

Protesters who have died in the worldwide riots

Marchers who took to the streets in the Afghan capital of Kabul

Policemen who sustained wounds during the Kabul protests

Students and teachers who protested in Pakistan's southwestern Baluchistan province. Students as young as 12 were reportedly told to skip class by their instructors to attend the protests

Country (Sudan) that denied U.S. Marines entry as the Pentagon bolsters security measures

U.S. diplomats and members of the U.S. embassy staff evacuated from Tunisia

1.5 billion
Worldwide Muslim population

Reported cost of the obscure, low-budget film. (Read more about it here.)

Protesters arrested in Libya over the U.S. consulate attack last Tuesday, which killed 4 Americans, including U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens

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