Profiting off a typo
A Chinese man who bought the domain name in 2009 is approached with multiple five-figure offers to sell it after Mitt Romney's spelling flub turns "Amercia" into a popular punchline. [Gawker]

Keeping an open mind
A new study finds that even though children today are more distracted than ever, they are still using their imagination as much, if not more, than previous generations. [UPI]

Saving the world, out of the closet
DC Comics reveals that the Green Lantern is gay. [Business Insider]


A sheepstorm
A livestock truck crashes on a bridge in Australia, sending hundreds of sheep flying onto the windshields of unsuspecting drivers on the highway below. [Newser]

Skipping the sunscreen
A 69-year-old man's severe premature aging — blamed on sun damage — is so bad that it's featured in the New England Journal of Medicine. [The Daily What]

Ripping dinner from the headlines
Do or Dine, a New York restaurant known for its humorous dishes, posts a photo of its latest, the "Miami Open Face with Smoked 'Bath Salts,'" on Facebook. The photo is quickly taken down after people say its reference to the Miami cannibal attack is too grotesque. [Gothamist]

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