Someone's drawing dollar signs. The "dizzying" success of the doodling app Draw Something was underscored Wednesday when news broke that gaming titan Zynga was purchasing the company behind the app, New York-based OMGPOP, for over $200 million. The Pictionary-like game currently tops Apple's "top paid" and "top free" lists in the App Store, and also holds the number one Android app slot in Google Play. "Zynga is a Facebook games powerhouse, and has been steadily acquiring smaller companies with hits on their hands," says Peter Kafka at All Things D. But this is the Farmville creator's most expensive acquisition to date. Does Draw Something's meteoric rise justify the price? Here's a look at the numbers: 

20.5 million
Daily active Draw Something users

37 million
Total downloads of the app

3 billion
Total drawings users have created since the game was released seven weeks ago

1 billion
Total drawings created in the last week alone

Drawings created every second

Countries where Draw Something is the #1 app, according to the Apple App Store

$17 million
Venture capital 6-year-old OMGPOP managed to raise before the acquisition

$210 million
Estimated total price Zynga is paying for OMGPOP. According to Peter Kafka at All Things D, Zynga paid $180 million up front, plus roughly $30 million for employee-retention.

Members of the OMGPOP team that will now be Zynga employees

$53 million
Total price Zynga paid for Newtoy, the company behind Words With Friends, in 2010

Net profit Draw Something earns OMGPOP per day after Apple takes its 30 percent cut

Titles Zynga will be acquiring from OMGPOP, including virtual pet game Puppy World and puzzle-based Boom Friends

$7 billion
Estimated value of Zynga when the company priced its initial public offering in December 2011

Years it took for AOL to hit 1 million users

Months it took for Facebook to reach 1 million users

Days it took for Draw Something to reach 1 million users

$2.25 billion
Offer Angry Birds creator Rovio reportedly turned down from Zynga

$800 million
Amount OMGPOP could be leaving on the table for selling too early, says Henry Blodget at Business Insider. "Zynga got a steal." 

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