The creator of Jersey Shore has announced her next reality TV project, and it's already being hailed as "another stroke of genius" and "even more depraved" than Shore. SallyAnn Salsano's new show, Mama Drama, will follow the exploits of 10 women living in a house together. The catch? The women are actually five pairs of mother-daughter duos, and the moms are described as the type who "are more interested in acting like their daughter's BFF than a parent." The show, which will premiere New Year's Day on Vh1, "is emotionally and visually stimulating," says Salsano. "You can't stop watching." For better or worse, is Mama Drama a guaranteed hit?

Yes. And that's good thing: I haven't been this excited for a new series since I saw "The Situation and the gang fist-pumping" in the Jersey Shore promos, says Brian Moylan at Gawker. Mama Drama sounds "genius." There's nothing more volatile than a mother-daughter relationship. "Remember the Project Runway episode where designers" were forced to create an outfit for another contestant's mom and things "got really, really intense?" Well, this "is a whole show of that." Sounds like appointment television.
"Jersey Shore producer's new show is another stroke of genius"

Ugh. This sounds terrible: Mama Drama seems "guaranteed to make people question their own morals," says Leah Rocketto at Ology. Are viewers really so enamored with drama that they will watch a drunken mother-daughter duo verbally spar on national television — and enjoy it? The last thing we need is more trash TV. Really, it's depraved shows like this that cause me to "worry about society."
"Jersey Shore EP brings more trash to TV sets"

And it won't measure up to Jersey Shore: For all the "hair-pulling," "drunken shrieking," and age-inappropriate fashion that Mama Drama promises to provide, it likely won't top Jersey Shore, says Megan Angelo at Business Insider. Snooki, The Situation, and their merry band of tanned guidos and guidettes are the benchmark for guilty pleasure television. Mama Drama sounds more like "a reverse Toddlers and Tiaras situation." The show is unlikely to "have half the lighthearted fun of Shore" — though I assume there will be "twice the intoxicated bawling."
"The next series from the creator of Jersey Shore sounds even more depraved than that show"