The video: Greta Van Susteren and Tucker Carlson had a cable news brawl for the record books Monday night, when they sparred over Carlson's decision to publish graphic, offensive comments made by Mike Tyson about Sarah Palin's alleged one-night stand with basketball player Glen Rice. The "Fox News civil war" began in earnest Friday night, when a story was published on Carlson's The Daily Caller website under the headline "Mike Tyson: Sarah Palin met 'the wombshifter.'" The article is packed with plenty of "repulsive" sexual comments from Tyson. On Sunday, Van Susteren attacked Carlson for publishing the piece, calling him a "pig" and a "purveyor of smut." When the pair met Monday on Van Susteren's On The Record, they really had it out. (See the video below.) The host called Tyson's comments "disgusting and vile." Carlson agreed with her, saying The Daily Caller story was in no way an endorsement, but rather a news article on "Mike Tyson's verbal attack on Sarah Palin."

The reaction: This was "one of the most hilarious Fox News segments ever aired," says Ellen at News Hounds. "Disgusting, violent comments about women have been made many times on Fox News," but I guess it's only an issue when Sarah Palin is involved. Indeed, Van Susteren is Palin's pal and "biggest media defender," says Joe Gandelman at The Moderate Voice. Obviously, "Tyson's comments were reprehensible," but Carlson is right that Van Susteren "cannot separate her rage over Tyson's sexist comments with her personal friendship, links, and political affinity to Sarah Palin." This is "a particularly clear litmus test for conservatives," says Frances Markel at Mediaite. "Those who adore the cult of personality around Palin more than any ideology will side with Van Susteren, while those would rather see Palin treated on equal footing with other female public figures will undoubtedly side with Carlson." Judge for yourself: