The video: Lee Hadwin appears to be a perfectly normal 37-year-old nurse — by day. But when night falls, his other persona takes over: Hadwin is a gifted artist who sketches and paints in his sleep. (Watch the video, below.) While there are countless documented cases of sleep-walking, this is the first known case of sleep-drawing. Hadwin got started at age 4, when he scribbled on walls and furniture. Now some of his pieces fetch six-figure prices. Still, the North Wales native doesn't want to make art his career. He never studied art, and is lousy at drawing when awake. "Art has never interested me at all," says Hadwin, as quoted by the BBC. But just in case, he now prepares by leaving a sketchpad, brushes, and other art supplies in his bedroom.

The reaction: "The whole thing is almost surreal," says Dean Praetorius at The Huffington Post. "It's almost scary how good he is, too." Hadwin says that an evening of drinking can often trigger an episode of sleep-drawing. His condition leaves experts baffled: Doctors at the Edinburgh Sleep Center can't even determine what stage of sleep Hadwin is in when his creative impulses kick in. Whatever is happening here, says Whitchurch Arts, it's working. And — who knows — there could be more sleep-drawing prodigies out there. "Perhaps put out a piece of paper and pencil on the bedside table tonight to find out." Watch a video below: