This week, New Zealand's Moa Brewery is launching what it's billing as the world's first "breakfast beer" ā€” Moa Breakfast. The company says the cherry-flavored lager is "a beer the ladies can enjoy," and a fine option "if you're having a champagne breakfast but don't fancy champagne." Critics say it's irresponsible to encourage people to start drinking in the morning. Let the frothy debate unfold:

Yes! Breakfast time is now beer o'clock: I'm not going to knock back a martini at 6 a.m., says Victor Ozols at BlackBook, "but a small glass of ale as the sun climbs into the sky and the birds start chirping" sounds like a perfect morning to me. Incidentally, Moa didn't invent the concept of "a brew worth getting out of bed for" ā€” there used to be a Latvian beer called "Labrit" (good morning).
"We cheer for breakfast beer"

What a terrible message: Moa is telling people that "pathological behavior" is perfectly OK, says addiction expert Doug Sellman, as quoted in the New Zealand Herald. Encouraging people to drink first thing in the morning will only reinforce unhealthy habits, and fuel addictions. This is "a completely irresponsible stunt."
"Experts' breakfast beer worry"

To each his own: Sure, "downing beer along with your bacon and eggs is a little excessive," says Amanda at F Listed. But maybe that's just me. "If your iron-clad stomach can handle a little more booze in your day, Iā€™m not going to knock your hustle."
"Breakfast beer, good idea or bad idea?"