The thousands of passengers aboard Carnival's Splendor cruise ship signed up for a worry-free, weeklong trip to Mexico — but instead endured a nightmare after a fire in one of the ship's generators left the ship stranded at sea for three days without power. (Watch an AP report about the fire.) With its harrowing journey finally over, here's a numerical look at Carnival's less-than-fantastic voyage: 

Number of people onboard the Splendor — 3,299 passengers and 1,167 crew

The ship's length, in feet

The ship's height, in stories

Days the cruise was supposed to last

Hours after the ship left port that the power went out

Pounds of provisions the Navy airlifted to the ship, beginning on Tuesday

Pounds of food provided by the Navy, including canned meat, Pop Tarts, and spam

$1 million
Daily cost to the Navy of diverting the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier to assist the cripple cruise ship

Hours some passengers' toilets were non-functional after the power outage

Magicians on board the ship as part of a conference gathering; after the power outage they became a primary source of entertainment for other passengers

Tugboats required to pull the Splendor back to San Diego

4 mph
Speed at which the Splendor was towed by the tugs

Sources: The New York Times, Los Angeles Times (2), USA Today, CBS News