With long-term unemployment at record levels, Fox News host Glenn Beck took aim Monday at "99ers" — that is, people who've received jobless benefits for 99 weeks, dating back to beginning of the recession. "Some of these people, I bet you'd be ashamed to call them Americans," said Beck on his show, viewing footage of a group of 99ers protesting on Wall Street. "Don't spend your remaining money on travel to get to a protest. Go out and get a job!" The problem with Beck's "solution," says David Bradley in All247News.com, is that there are 15 million unemployed Americans, but only 3 million jobs out there. No doubt Beck's argument "will resonate with many in Congress," says Arthur Delaney in the Huffington Post. But many businesses are "flat out refusing" to hire unemployed workers who might just "bolt for a better job as soon as the economy improves." Watch the clip below: