Carrie Prejean's troubles are bubbling up again, as a "Christian-focused" PR firm the former Miss California hired to help her project a "Biblically correct" image is suing her for $64,857 in allegedly unpaid bills. Prejean hired the Texas company, A. Larry Ross Communications, to do damage control following her bruising public battle with gay blogger and Miss America judge Perez Hilton over her opposition to gay marriage, and after the release on the internet of photos showing her topless. Is Prejean trying to cheat her former helpers, or are liberal bloggers exploiting a garden variety business spat to bash the conservative beauty queen?

Prejean's hypocrisy is appalling: Carrie Prejean's hypocrisy is hardly shocking any more, says Sara Goodman at Pierce Mattie Public Relations' website. This is the woman who, after posing for topless photos and making a solo sex tape for a boyfriend, presented herself to the world as a pillar of Christian values. "Pretty please," Carrie, "with an extra Amen on top, just practice what you preach. And pay your bills."
"Is Carrie Prejean going to hell?"

It's Prejean's attackers who should be ashamed: The activists and media types who love to trash Carrie Prejean say they're calling out intolerance, says Maggie Gallagher in National Review, but they're really "punishing" her for her original sin -- speaking out against gay marriage. But Prejean's getting the last laugh, because her "ordeal" helped turn the tide of public opinion against gay marriage and proved that "one beautiful woman" can make a difference.
"The Carrie Effect"

Two can play at the lawsuit game: Carrie Prejean hasn't responded publicly to the PR firm's lawsuit, say the editors of eCanadaNow, but she reportedly is considering a lawsuit of her own. "Her suit would be against the Miss USA pageant," which she apparently believes the judges were ready to award her the Miss USA crown until she came out against gay marriage. Her claim, allegedly, will be that she was the victim of discrimination.
"Former beauty queen, Carrie Prejean, is being sued"