This is a big week for Sarah Palin. Before launching her autobiographical memoir and nationwide book tour, she sits down with Oprah Winfrey for a conversation the talk show host says will cover "everything" (see Oprah comment on the interview here). Last time she was in the media spotlight, Palin's interviews with Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson were widely judged to be PR disasters. Is the Oprah Winfrey Show her best bet for redemption? (Watch Sarah Palin open up to Oprah in a preview clip)

Oprah has an interest in making Palin look good: This interview is a "savvy maneuver" for both Palin and Oprah, says Brian Lowry at Variety. After suffering a recent ratings dip some attribute to her endorsement of Obama, Winfrey will want to "demonstrate how evenhanded and gracious she can be" with Palin. That means a "relatively softball interview."
"Oprah at a crossroads"

This could launch Palin's career as a talk show host: From the pre-released tapes, "Palin performed superbly – relaxed, unpretentious and funny," says Toby Harnden at the Telegraph. Even if the former governor doesn't become the next GOP presidential nominee, she might find a calling as "Oprah's replacement."  "I can see the bumper stickers now: 'Time for O to go – Sarah Palin in 2012.'"
"Sarah Palin should succeed O in 2012 – Oprah, that is, not Obama"

If nothing else, Palin will sell lots of books: Conservatives and Democrats have one thing in common: they'll both tune in to the show, writes Allahpundit at Hot Air. "If sales of her book were already stratospheric, this ought to put them in lunar orbit." Conservatives will watch to see their favorite lady GOP figure, and liberals will watch in hopes of a "Couric-esque trainwreck." "Imagine the ratings. Imagine."
"It's on: Oprah to interview Palin on eve of book launch"