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Results: In light of a new Turkish game show in which a priest, rabbi, imam and Buddhist monk compete to convert a group of atheists, we asked you to predict the name of the American version, once it makes its way over here. Divinely inspired, you swore by:
FIRST PRIZE: Survivor: Eternity
Richard R. Pennant, Hoquiam, WA

SECOND PRIZE: Curb Your Atheism
Bruce H. Meyer, Carlsbad, CA

THIRD PRIZE: Have It Yahweh
Mark O’Brien, Westbrook, CT

God or No God?
Nancy Swindell, Mount Laurel, NJ (and others)

Zeal or No Zeal
Jason Davis, Cleveland
Welcome Back, Doubter
Zelig Kaplan, St. Louis Park, MN
How I Met My Father
Mike Newman, Plainsboro, NJ

What Not to Worship
Jenn Cassie, Bellingham, WA
Soul Train
Tom Kinsella, Denver, CO (and others)
Believe it Or Not
Randall K. Wilde, Los Altos, CA (and others)

“Would You Believe…?”
Bobbie Schneider, Holmdel, NJ

Moral Jeopardy
Xuân Mai Võ, Boston (and others)
God Swap
Lori Van Meter, Seaside, CA
Extreme Makeover: Tome Edition
Abigail Hamilton, Ewing, NJ
I’m a Celebrity—Get Me Into Paradise!
Carl Swartz, Eureka Springs, AR

Saved From the Hell
Allen Evans, Simpsonville, SC
CSI: Heaven
Mick Fagert, Painesville, OH
Don’t Leave it to Shiva
Sondra Rosenberg, Hot Springs, AR
Wanted: Dead or Alive
Susan Perrin, Ware Neck, VA
The Biggest Sinner
Tonia Karnedy, South Burlington, VT
Top God
Shane MacDougall, San Diego
Believer: Outpreach, outfast, outpray
Alexis Lambros, Mount Pleasant, Mich. (and others)

You Bet Your Afterlife
Michelle Bacon, Rochester, MN (and others)

I Love Lucyfer
Heidi Hanssen, St. Louis Park, MN