Fox News “makes a mockery of modern journalism,” said Steve Benen in Washington Monthly, but at least it’s entertaining. And never more so than when “conservative blowhard” Sean Hannity said he would agree to be waterboarded, and invited actor Charles Grodin, a vehement opponent of torture, to do the honors. Hannity said he’d do it to raise money for the families of soldiers, although “I rather doubt” he’ll go through with it. (Watch Sean Hannity discuss waterboarding with Charles Grodin, part 1, and part 2)

Okay, liberals, then “put up or shut up,” said Don Surber in the Charleston, W.V., Daily Mail. The Left is just trying to “politicize the situation” by insisting that waterboarding is torture. If they “really truly believe it is torture,” liberals should pay Hannity to go through with it.

Keith Olbermann is a step ahead of you,  said Nico Pitney in The Huffington Post. The MSNBC host offered to kick in $1,000 for every second Sean Hannity endures the waterboarding. And Olbermann said he would double the money if Hannity admits “the horrible truth—waterboarding, the symbol of the last administration, is torture."