Protect your plants. “Cute rodents” such as squirrels will “dig up flower bulbs when foraging for food.” Construct a barrier with chicken wire to keep them out of your garden.

Take in the trash. Raccoons are “notorious garbage raiders” and endlessly hungry, so “keep cans inside until collection day.”

Outsmart invaders. Plant flowers and herbs that deer don’t find appetizing, such as daffodils, dahlias, lavender, poppy, and thyme. They’re also known not to like columbine, crocus, Shasta daisy, larkspur, and lupine. If that fails, spray flora with “all-natural Deer Out.”

Seal the holes. Mother bats and birds like to nest and “park their young in attics,” so block holes with screen mesh before the creatures “wreak havoc” in your home. If you have a dog door, “seal the flap shut” when away: Raccoons aren’t afraid to venture indoors.

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