Dennis Kucinich’s marriage was preordained, says Libby Copeland in The Washington Post. Though twice as old and several inches shorter than his wife, Elizabeth Harper, the Democratic presidential candidate from Ohio says he received many portents of their union. One morning in May 2005, the twice-divorced Kucinich was telling his friend, the guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, that he couldn’t meet the right woman. Shankar’s advice: Stop looking, and she will appear. Harper, a striking, red-haired lobbyist, walked into his office that very afternoon, and the two locked eyes. “That was it,” Kucinich says. He ran down to the floor of the House, telling colleagues, “I met her!” Two weeks passed without another encounter. “It was about 7:30 at night and I was just sending a message out to the universe saying, ‘Where is this woman? If there’s anything to be done here, I need a sign.’ At that exact moment, I get an e-mail.” It was from Elizabeth, of course. The two began seeing each other, and some months later, she moved into Kucinich’s home. Cleaning out some closets, he found an old, hand-painted banner for his 2004 presidential campaign. Smack in the middle, standing under the word “Imagine,” was a tall, redheaded woman who was a dead ringer for Elizabeth. “I mean,” said Kucinich, “you can’t make this stuff up.”