In the market for a tiny security system? You're in luck, said Kellen Beck at Mashable. Sensor-1, made by San Francisco–based startup Metasensor, is a hexagonal tile about the size of a quarter that sticks to just about anything, whether it's your laptop, front door, or purse.

If the device is moved a certain distance — how far depends on the owner's settings — it will sound an alarm and alert the owner's smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. It can also be programmed to alert the user if it's been left behind. Depending on what's being protected, Sensor-1 can be programmed with different settings for specific objects, from bags to bicycles, so it won't go off, say, if the item is merely jostled. Orders for Sensor-1 are now being taken on Indiegogo, for $79 per device; shipping is slated to begin around September.