1. Ruggie ($99)

Because repeatedly hitting the snooze button only makes you feel groggier, Ruggie helps snooze addicts kick the habit. The pressure-sensitive foam mat won't stop blaring until you get out of bed and stand on it. Buy it at Amazon.

2. Sensorwake ($99)

Wake up and smell the Sensorwake. Instead of loud noises or bright lights, the first olfactory alarm clock gently rouses you with the scent of coffee, chocolate, peppermint, or freshly baked ­croissants. Buy it at Sensorwake.

3. The Barisieur ($299)

Nothing beats waking up to actual freshly brewed coffee. The Barisieur — expected to ship in November — brews coffee or tea moments before the alarm sounds. It even has a drawer for sugar and a refrigerated vessel for cream. Buy it at Barisieur.

4. Electrohome Projection Alarm Clock ($30)

Electrohome's clock radio wants to keep you from having to roll over to check the time. It has an adjustable arm that can project the time in big red numerals on a darkened wall or ceiling. It can also display the room temperature. Buy it at Amazon.

5. WITTI Beddi ($100)

With its USB charge ports, color-changing LEDs, and built-in wake-up light, the WITTI Beddi is "basically the smart-home Swiss Army Knife of alarm clocks," said CNET. It can also sync with Spotify, control smart lights, track traffic and weather forecasts, and hail an Uber. Buy it at Amazon.

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