1. Blue Yeti ($130)

The longtime standard-bearer among USB mics ensures that your voice will be as rich and clear as it is in the room. It plugs directly into a computer, and it's a mic that pros turn to for podcasts, conference calls, and music recording.
Buy it at Blue Designs.

2. Monoprice Isolation Shield ($65)

"Echoes can ruin a recording," writes Jason Lederman at Popular Science, but there is a simple solution. This portable tabletop shield surrounds a mic to prevent unwanted reverb. "When it's time to pack up, the padding folds to about 5.5 inches thick." Buy it at Amazon.

3. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 ($160)

If you wish to stream multiple people speaking at once, "you'll want an audio interface." This one has two input channels — for either mics or instrument cables — and has audio workstation software built in. Buy it at Amazon.

4. Sony MDR-7506 ($100)

It's unwise to try to edit and mix audio recordings using earbuds or laptop speakers. "You'll want to hear the sound exactly as it was recorded," writes Benjamin Frisch at Slate. which is what you get from Sony's classic studio headphones. Buy it at Amazon.

5. Zoom H1N Handy Recorder ($120)

If you're looking to record interviews on the go, take along a digital audio recorder such as this best-selling Zoom, which features built-in stereo condenser microphones. "It won't sound as good as a home setup," but it's great for field work. Buy it at Amazon.

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