Every dog knows that baths are the worst. And when forced under the faucet, dogs of all shapes and sizes will squirm, shake, and wiggle out of your soapy grasp.

That's why dog photographer Sophie Gamand's stunning portraits of wet dogs are a feat unto themselves. The series, done in collaboration with groomer and pet stylist Ruben Santana, captures the pups after they've been doused with water, but before they've had a chance to shake it off.


Oscar | Sophie Gamand, 2013

Pucci | Sophie Gamand, 2013

Nicole | Sophie Gamand, 2013

Diamond | Sophie Gamand, 2013

Marshmallow | Sophie Gamand, 2013

For more of Sophie Gamand's work, check out her website Striking Paws and her Facebook page.

And, if you liked these little guys so much you'd like to take one home — you're in luck! Gamand is now selling prints. Click here to shop.