Photographer Justin Carey has "the night bug." A geriatrician by day, the Londoner photographs almost exclusively at night. "The night for me is an incredibly evocative time," he said in an interview. "Previously unremarkable places become interesting at night."

Road Closed | (Justin Carey)

On the weekends, when the sun goes down and the streets go quiet, Carey steps out with his gear, hunting for the beauty hidden in the darkness. "It all starts and ends with the light," he said. "As a photographer, you have to be able to appreciate and manipulate light to your advantage, because it's a very eloquent and powerful storyteller if used correctly."

The light in Carey's photos — indeed the main focus and sole character in these otherwise people-less street scenes — has striking range. Whether harshly white, jewel-toned, or surprisingly soft, the light transforms these shots — a street corner, an alleyway, a beach, a garage — that would be unremarkable during the day, into something extraordinary and ominous at night.

"The nighttime brings a closer proximity to danger, threat, and menace, than during the day," he said. "That feeling of slight unease, of something lurking in the shadows, is both unsettling, but also quite exhilarating. That sense of unease resonates with me. That sense of never being quite comfortable, never feeling entirely able to let your guard down or feel totally secure in your position. In shooting these places, I think I'm at least partly hoping to connect with the person who might share similar, often unspoken feelings."

Embrace your nighttime anxiety with a selection of Justin Carey's moody photos below.

Car Park Into Hyperspace | (Justin Carey)

Dead End, Great Height | (Justin Carey)

Surf Club Solitude | (Justin Carey)

Don't Talk, Just Walk Towards The Light | (Justin Carey)

Reserved | (Justin Carey)

One Direction | (Justin Carey)

Me Rencontrer | (Justin Carey)

Wet Paint | (Justin Carey)

For more of Justin Carey's photos, check out his website, or follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Also, if you are in the London area, Carey has a nighttime photography group for anyone interested in seeing what happens after the sun goes down.