An elephant seal basks on a beach in Colombo, Sri Lanka. | (CHAMILA KARUNARATHNE/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

A protester in Baghdad. | (MURTAJA LATEEF/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

An art installation in Modena, Italy. | (ELISABETTA BARACCHI/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

A sculpture of boxers at an abandoned camp in Chernoluchye, Russia. | (REUTERS/Alexey Malgavko)

Steam rises over a street in Warsaw, Poland. | (PAWEL GURAJ/via REUTERS)

A TV tower is surrounded by fog in Sarajevo. | (AP Photo/Eldar Emric)

A tree surrounded by buildings in Moscow. | (YURI KOCHETKOV/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

Demonstrators practice parkour in Baghdad. | (REUTERS/Alaa al-Marjani)

A voter enters a polling station in London. | (ANDY RAIN/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

French President Emmanuel Macron arrives for a summit in Brussels. | (AP Photo/Francisco Seco)

A rescue crew on New Zealand's volcanic White Island. | (NEW ZEALAND DEFENCE FORCE via REUTERS)

Cargo trucks turn off the Trans-Amazon highway in Campo Verde, Brazil. | (AP Photo/Leo Correa)

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