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Jake Tapper reportedly taped show at CNN studio after COVID diagnosis

CNN anchor Jake Tapper reportedly angered some of his staffers when he tested positive for COVID-19 but still stayed at the network's studio to tape his show in person. 

Tapper tested positive for COVID-19 at CNN's D.C. bureau on May 9 before he was set to tape his afternoon show, but he "did not go home immediately, incensing some colleagues," The Daily Beast reports. CNN's Dana Bash filled in for Tapper the following day, and he returned to his show that Wednesday, this time hosting from home. 

CNN defended Tapper's actions, with a network spokesperson telling The Daily Beast he did not violate its COVID-19 protocols. 

"He tested shortly before his show," the CNN spokesperson said. "When he was notified of the positive result, he asked CNN execs what to do and then followed it to the letter — he double-masked and isolated, did the show solo in a flash studio (single-person enclosed room) and went home immediately after. Everyone on The Lead team was notified during their pre-show call that day. Jake had only been in direct contact with a few others, who were also notified."

But the report says some of Tapper's staffers are "seething" over his behavior. Tapper has not commented on the report.