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Curt Schilling thinks he got snubbed from the Hall of Fame for being a Republican

Curt Schilling didn't get into the Baseball Hall of Fame because he's a Republican, according to Curt Schilling. Yes, the former big league pitcher claimed Wednesday that fellow hurler John Smoltz cruised into the Hall while he did not because, among other things, "he's a Democrat and so I know that, as a Republican, that there's some people that really don't like that."

That explanation seems farfetched given that Smoltz in 2006 endorsed Republican Ralph Reed, a former head of the Christian Coalition who was then running to be Georgia's lieutenant governor. Four years later, Georgia Republicans reportedly tried to convince Smoltz to run for Congress.

More likely, Schilling missed the cut for a third year because he's part of a huge backlog of credible candidates that this year included two of the greatest pitchers of all time.