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2014 midterms

Rick Scott holds off Charlie Crist in Florida gubernatorial race

Despite a net negative approval rating, incumbent Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) has won re-election over former GOP governor-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist, according to The Associated Press.

Scott's win is a huge hold for Republicans, as it will leave them in control of a crucial swing state heading into the 2016 elections. Scott had been a top gubernatorial target for Democrats this cycle.

Crist served one term as governor of Florida, leaving office to run for Senate as a Republican in 2010. Yet when the state's GOP primary voters lined up behind Sen. Marco Rubio (R), then a state lawmaker, Crist abandoned the party and continued his bid as an Independent. He completed his transition to the Democratic Party in 2012.

The race presented voters with a choice between two largely unpopular choices. A recent PPP poll found that more voters disliked than liked each of the candidates.