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ISIS uses captured journalist in propaganda campaign

After the graphic beheading of American journalist James Foley, ISIS is using another captured journalist in its new propaganda campaign.

The Islamic militant group has been holding American journalist Steven Sotloff, 31, captive for a year, and ISIS is using Sotloff to advance its agenda. In the new campaign, launched Sunday, ISIS created the hashtag #StevensHeadinObamasHands. Twitter accounts associated with the organization have issued tweets with threats such as "We will kill you wherever we find you" and "World Trade Center is not the last count but is the first demolition."

ISIS hopes President Obama will respond to its Twitter threats to kill Sotloff, and many of the tweets include images of Obama as well as Arabic text. Some of the tweets also include images of Foley and Sotloff, and others contain photos of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In the video of Foley's execution, ISIS told President Obama that "his next move" could end Sotloff's life. Vocativ, who reported the propaganda campaign, speculates that in exchange for Sotloff's life, ISIS wants "suspension of U.S. air strikes against ISIS, payment of dozens of millions of dollars, and the release of several high-profile prisoners."

Before his captivity, Sotloff had written for publications including Foreign Policy and Time. A WhiteHouse.gov petition calls for Obama to "do everything possible to free American reporter Steven Sotloff" and has gained more than 10,000 signatures. The petition hopes to gain 100,000 signatures by Sept. 18.