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U.S. military bans staff from reading Glenn Greenwald's news site

So reports The Intercept, the new investigative journalism site led by reporter Glenn Greenwald:

According to multiple military sources, a notice has been circulated to units within the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps warning staff that they are prohibited from reading stories published by The Intercept on the grounds that they may contain classified information. The ban appears to apply to all employees — including those with top-secret security clearance — and is aimed at preventing classified information from being viewed on unclassified computer networks, even if it is freely available on the internet. Similar military-wide bans have been directed against news outlets in the past after leaks of classified information. [The Intercept]

Earlier this month, after The Intercept revealed new details about the U.S.'s terrorist watchlist, it was reported that the site was working with a new NSA leaker in the mold of Edward Snowden.