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World Cup update

Brazil ekes out a win over Chile in first insanely intense game of knockout round

Give a world (cup) of credit to both Brazil's and Chile's soccer teams.

They tied (1-1) through regulation. They tied (still 1-1) through extra time. They tied through penalty kicks, until it came down to one player left for each team. And so — of course — for Brazil, it came down to Neymar, who worked his magic. But Chile's Gonzalo Jara sent a kick ricocheting off the post, and with that, Brazil locked up a spot in the quarterfinals, winning the shootout 3-2.

This is the definition of "all on the line," and both teams knew it. Brazil's goalkeeper, Julio Cesar, got so emotional before getting into goal that he shed a few tears:

But he pulled himself together when it counted, making several big saves and then getting an assist from the crossbar on the final penalty kick. Watch Chile's final attempt and Brazil's ebullient reaction, below. --Sarah Eberspacher