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Crisis in Iraq

Stephen Colbert takes his turn laughing at Dick Cheney's Iraq comments

Let's recap Dick Cheney's dive into the national conversation on the growing violence in Iraq: On Tuesday night, the former vice president and his daughter Liz produced a Wall Street Journal op-ed criticizing President Obama on the situation ("Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong...."). On Wednesday night, Fox News star Megyn Kelly threw everyone off guard by strongly suggesting to Cheney that he was the one who got it wrong on Iraq. On Thursday night, Stephen Colbert took his turn hitting the Cheney piñata.

Cheney is merely the leader of the newly reunited "Iraq Pack," Colbert said. By the nickname Colbert assigned him, "Ol' Dead Eyes," Cheney is apparently Sinatra, which would make George W. Bush the Dean Martin and John McCain the Sammy Davis Jr.? Maybe John Bolton is Steve Lawrence and Paul Wolfowitz his Eydie Gorme?

Lots of people have mocked Cheney's chutzpah; only Colbert suggests invading his "balls of mass destruction." --Peter Weber