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The Bernie Sanders campaign now has a strategy to shut down Black Lives Matter protesters

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has lately run into some problems with Black Lives Matter protesters on the presidential campaign trail. In July, his speech at the Netroots conference was interrupted by protesters, and on Saturday in Seattle one of his talks was completely shut down.

Heading into a Portland, Oregon, rally Sunday night, Sanders, who has expressed disappointment in the protesters, was more prepared for interruptions. His new national press secretary, a young black woman named Symone Sanders, told the crowd to cheer "We stand together" should protesters make a move to drown out her boss, BuzzFeed reports.

Sanders' campaign on Sunday also added a racial justice section to his online platform. Many see the move as a response to criticism that he and other candidates haven't done enough to address fraught race relations in light of continued police brutality against unarmed blacks. However, the campaign claimed that the addition had been in the works for a while.