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a tribute to trump

Listen to this Trump impersonator share what it's like to play The Donald

There's more to being a Donald Trump impersonator than acting bombastic and slapping on a bad wig.

For more than 10 years, John Di Domenico has impersonated Trump at corporate events, using makeup and a hairpiece to transform into The Donald. "Obviously I don't look like Donald Trump," he told NBC News. "What I try to do is minimize any effect that will pull people out of the impersonation." He keeps close tabs on Trump, buying a new tie if he sees the Republican presidential candidate wearing one on the campaign trail. "I'm willing to spend the money," he said. As he gets ready for an event, Di Domenico gets into character in front of a mirror, covered with photos of Trump.

Di Domenico describes Trump's voice as "a little bit throaty, a little bit nasally." He practices speaking before going onstage, mimicking Trump's "unique cadence" and "unique confidence." Di Domenico said he views Trump as someone who has "taken the American Dream, and just blown it out to its maximum," and through Trump, he's living his own dream, performing in front of crowds and making them laugh. "I'm very lucky and blessed to do what I do," he said. "I'm really grateful to do it, this kind of bump with Trump has been great." It's a nice living being a Trump impersonator, Di Domenico said, because there's job security. "The beauty of Trump is he's not going anywhere," he said. "He's never going to disappear. He could drop out tomorrow and there's a lot of things I could do. He's not going anywhere." Watch the NBC News video showing a day in the life of Di Domenico below. Catherine Garcia